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  • Three-layer Polyethylene Blown Film Plant
  • Two-layer Polyethylene Blown Film Plant
  • Minimum thickness 20 microns & Maximum 200 microns
  • Capable of handling specialty polymers.

Printing Facilities

  • Gravure Printing Lines - 3 Nos up to 8 colors including
  • Hsing Wei Make Roto 800 Printing Line with
  • Web guiding System
  • Auto Registration Control System
  • Visi - Tech Print Inspection System
  • In-house Ink Blending and Shade Matching System

    We are equipped with 8 colour, 7 colour and 4 color rotogravure printing machine with web width up to 1100 mm and print speed upto 350/150 meters per minute. The machines are well equipped with high precision Auto registration controls, tension controls and web inspection systems thus giving excellent printing results.

Lamination Facility

  • Nordmeccanica make Solvent Less Laminator
  • Laminators - Dry and wet adhesive lamination

    Our dry and wet lamination plant has maximum web width of 1100mm with speed of 350/150 meters per minute.

Extrusion Coating & Extrusion Lamanation Facility

  • Kang Shin (Korean make) extruder coater and lamination Plant with web width of 1000 mm having maximum speed of 150 meters per minute.

    Hot melt coating : We have hot melt coating facility to carry out hot melt coating.

Slitting Facility

  • We are equipped with slitting machines having Precise winding tension control thus giving accurate winding for film, laminates and Paper.


  • We manufacture Pillow pouches, centre seal pouches, Centre seal with side gusseted pouches and poly bags.
  • We are equipped with 2 side seal, 2 centre seal and 4 bag making machines.

Quality Control

  • Our QC Lab is equipped with instruments to check various quality control parameters like GSM. COF and Bond strength, puncture resistance, scrub test and burst strength.

    We conduct QC check for raw materials, on line and for finished products.We have full traceability system with counter samples retained for 6 months.

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